About the Book

     I wanted to take a minute and discuss the purpose of the book. Over the past several years I have been studying, taking classes, meditating, and listening to Dharma teachings of all kinds. And I noticed that there wasn’t much in the way of application. In other words what was happening is that people would become educated and have knowledge but there was very little in the way of living the information in awareness.

     So, I decided I needed to start examining the link between information, knowledge, and living in awareness. My main goal is to try to simplify the teachings and find ways to apply the teachings in the here and now.

     A simple example is the chapter on listening. I explain how important listening is to relationship. How listening to others by the simple act of repeating what they say keeps us focused in the moment, allows us to process all information, keeps us from reacting the what we hear by thinking of what we want to say next, and lets us respond from a genuine place that is not a prefabricated reaction. In practicing this we allow ourselves to place value on the relationship and it’s a way to check to see if you are actually focused or not. It’s not difficult and can be practiced in every relationship that requires verbal exchange. Self reports from people using this method indicate there’s a lot more clarity and understanding taking place.

     I don’t consider myself as a teacher. I think we all do best at taking turns leading our explorations into clarity. If I am willing to learn everyone I meet has something to offer. We are all conduits from our own experiences. We all have something to share.

     Visions of a People’s Dharma can be obtained at the following outlets in paperback or Ebook format:


     Barnes and Noble



and many other fine retailers of paperback and Ebook formats.

     I am trying to keep all costs at a minimum. My main goal in life is to reduce our sufferings and provide a perspective that will improve our quality of life. I find both inclusive and exclusive mindsets invaluable and have realized that willingness, acceptance, and compassion will take us far.

     I appreciate your support,

     Bryan Wagner




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