Coffee and Sadhana

The Argument Continues

     Recently I was in a group when a somewhat friendly argument broke out about how quickly one can come to an understanding of Zen. It was interesting how people can come to some conclusion concerning something that cannot be expressed verbally. It seems that expressing an opinion about a position is easy enough. But, it remains a made up argument about a made up destination. Of course it’s always an interesting philosophical topic that cannot possibly reach a conclusion. This argument became heated and the teacher of the group made it clear that she did not believe in the instant enlightenment school of thought. She may be right. Two other students were willing to argue the point and discussed several people who have claimed to have experience instant enlightenment. They may be right. 


I love coffee. I am probably addicted. No, I am addicted. We have one of those coffee brewers that are polluting the environment with little plastic, one cup, coffee packs. Part of me is very pained to even look at this. But it’s true. And it’s one of those things I will need to make a decision about soon. But that wasn’t my point about coffee. The coffee machine we have makes really good coffee. Some people prefer to take the time and effort to brew thier coffee. They use a favortite brand, filters, brew it just the right amount of time and strength that works for them. I know people who don’t care and use nothing but instant coffee. They like the taste and convienience. I have only known one person who throws coffee into boiling water and filters it. I must admit that method of making coffee isn’t one I would use although the coffee kicks my ass. Strong, very strong. 

Now all these different paths to coffee didn’t appear overnight and probably took some time and effort before the individuals come to a place where the coffee process worked for them. We could debate and opinonize the whole thing and try to intellectually come up with perfect coffee but why bother? It simply doesn’t matter what the ingrediants are or how long it took, or what the process was, we end up with coffee. 

You are probably on a spiritual journey of your own. (Or else you accidently came accross this site.) You know that the journey is one that will take some time. Along the way you will come to some realizations. How long it takes to come to those is anyones guess. One minute or perhaps into whatever comes next. And, it simply doesn’t matter. What matters is you are on the quest. It will never be WHY you are questing, it will never be WHAT you are questing for. 

     “How you do anything is how you do everything.” – Cheri Huber

Yep. How we are questing is as important as the quest itself. That’s really the point of the whole thing, the whole journey. As soon as you are able to accept this you have come to the most important realization that Zen has to offer. It is one of the single most important statements that I ever came accross. Like a lot of different spritually based sayings it is not the first time the concept has been expressed. It was the first time that I understood what was being said. And I think that’s my second point. We only  understand up to the limit of our capabilities to understand. We make the coffee that we can make. That’s it.

So, in my vision it’s never a matter of time. It’s a matter of intensity and willingness. It’s paying complete attention to what we are doing. One thing at a time. Sit for one minute or sit for a day. Don’t sit. It only matters to you and what intensity and willingness you bring to it. 

As always I welcome feedback. Don’t hesitate to look up Cheri Huber on the web. It’s going to be well worth your time. 

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