The Zen and Tao of Sexual Misconduct



This is a huge issue. Isn’t it? Recently another famous Buddhist teacher was accused of sexual misconduct and was asked to step down from his position in the organization until some form of resolution could take place. And so it goes until Males on the planet start to listen, become educated, and move to action. This has nothing to do with Buddhism, just like it has nothing to do with any other male dominated spiritual path other than the fact that it lends itself to male control and all the emotional problems associated with being in control of others. 

     We (males) are not in control of any woman nor do they owe us anything. A friend of mine has been a huge help in re-educating myself and a few others. She has a strong view on what needs to change and how important it is that the change start to take place NOW. She does this with a lot of compassion, without sarcasm, and with a passion that the need for change requires. 

     I grew up in the 50s and played in rock and roll bands until I was 38. It was not a good place to develop any sensibilities about human relationship. The sixties sounded good unless you were there. The human race has changed a little since that time but not anywhere near as much as we want to believe. Lots of room for growth here, I’m not preaching, trust me. 

     I think that the social and cultural position on the planet needs to change when it comes to all human relationship. 

     I also think that we need to start realizing that we can live on parallel tracks and forge ahead together. I don’t have to agree with everyone. I don’t have to prove anything. I don’t have to be right or prove anyone wrong. I need to treat all humans with respect. I also have a responsibility to share information that will help us all act more skillfully. 

     I have great faith in humans and our ability to make changes. I believe that we can work together to re-calibrate. (Ashwinni Narayanan’s term and I thank her for that!) We can change our perspectives and positions to allow this to be an equatable, compassionate, progressive, and aware, world culture. It’s not going to happen overnight people so here is what I would encourage. 


Watch the last Video on this blog. Start to examine your conditioned reactions on a level you never thought possible. This isn’t going to change rapidly and the more we make the decision that each and everyone of us can change the less time this will take. 

     Life is complicated. One of the things I have always loved about Zen and the Tao is they carry direct and simple messages that have great depth. You may not be able to change anyone else but you can change you. It’s a huge shift. 


Conditioning runs deeper than most of us think. It has developed a world of privileged classes, sexist attitudes and norms, greed, and a growing Ego based consumer process that if frightening.

But, we can change all that. 

Start now. 

Start right now. 

Bryan Wagner

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