Crayons and Me

Lately I have been thinking: 
Like a box of crayons, we are all born with different colors and themes. Too much time is spent comparing, debating, and judging different colors and amounts instead of celebrating the miracle that we all experience. The miracle of the colors and dynamics that have been gifted to us. We did nothing, we came that way, a box of crayons with colors. 
Every color is beautiful and worth consideration. All we need to do is be expressive and true to the colors we have. No need to worry about anyone else. No need to compare ourselves or number and shades of color. Just express with the colors we are, and use every bit of color in the box to be who we are moment to moment. 
The most magnificent art can be shades of grey or a burst of every color imaginable. It isn’t the crayons, it’s the agency that uses the crayons, the spirit, passion, drive, and love. 
So, use your colors, every one of them, draw fearlessly, share the colors you have with everyone, use all the passion, compassion, love, and spirit you possess, to draw your picture and show it with love. 
In gratitude,

Bryan Wagner

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