Love and Loving

Keep evolving and you will see that we constantly color people and events with the paints we have been given through conditioning supported by our social and cultural structures. We see everything with our own colored filters. We use the colors of our parents, our culture, our schooling, our religious values, social values, economic and political values. If the colors I have been given are red and yellow, I probably end up living in a red and yellow world. I will evolve believing that you think, must think, everything is red and yellow too. If you don’t, you must be crazy. Conditioned personality says it must be the other person’s problem, right? This is my experience, so you MUST be having the same one! If not, then it must be your fault. I must Judge You!

You can intuit how much friction through resistance that this can create. I live in my red and yellow world, you in a purple and green world, and each of us doesn’t understand why we aren’t able to agree on what we are seeing and experiencing.  Multiply the resistance by about eight billion. Then add the few trillion other entities and you get some idea of the complexity of understanding each other. (One of the ideas I come back to again and again is just because life is complex doesn’t mean I have to figure anything out, I can engage and enjoy right where I am in the moment.)

Keep evolving and you’ll start to see conditioning use the trick of “This is the way things SHOULD be” to color the entire environment. This consists of living in an alternate universe that our minds create where everything is pretty much an ideal. The ideal world is exactly the way we imagine it should be. The “Should” world can be applied to the past, now, and the future. It’s all illusion and leans towards delusion. In many ways it is the fundamental insanity that we all acquire. We can live in the experience of the world or we can live in our ideas of the experience. Conditioned personality sees both of those the same way. Genuine self sees the world as it is.

Awareness of the above can change everything in your world. There is nothing that needs to be done other than bring awareness to the process. I can let go of expectations. I can have unconditional love. I can’t love you if it comes with expectations that you will be any different than who you are right now. That’s what unconditional love is, total acceptance. I love you living your life the way you are choosing to live it.

Do you love anything unconditionally? I would love to hear what your experience is of unconditional love.

Be well,


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