The Journey

It took a while to get the paperback book together. A few changes but the Ebook and paperback are out. I am so happy that this material is now available.

It’s amazing how much support I receive from others that allows me to act as a conduit for this material. Everyone I meet and have social intercourse with over the time it takes to do this provide invaluable input. Everyone changes my reference field a little, and some a whole lot.

One of my favorite Zen guides is Cheri Huber. Recently, during the year long retreat, she made the comment that world doesn’t need any more “Teachers.” That people who want to gain spiritual knowledge just to be known as “teachers” are not adding much. What we really need are more Teacher/Students.

There are no teachers when it comes to your heart. You know it, you have direct input, and you are the one who lives with it. And, if it changes, it will be because you found it was the thing you needed to do, not because anyone said you should.

I prefer to think that we are all student/guides. We have all been places that we can share for the benefit of others. What we cannot do is give anyone the way. Everyone will develop their own path to their own freedom.

The material is based on sharing and acting as a conduit for knowledge. It’s not mine or yours anymore than the sun and moon belong to a person.

So, thank you all. For the understanding, support, and kindness that you have offered me over a long period of time.

Be well,


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