Viewing From Zen

We can be seeing things clearly and still take a fall. The objective is to remain in a place where we can increase our odds of success and not in an imaginary place that will supposedly guarantee success. Note: There is nowhere in the universe that guarantees success. No matter how anyone may want to sell you that message, the universe is too random for guarantee. (OK, OK, death and taxes, I know.)

So, what if we stop trying to win or lose but just play the game? It’s like playing baseball for the joy of playing baseball. It would be the feel of running, the feel of the ball, a crisp autumn day, the smells, the sounds, how it feels to be in our skins. The action of living would feel exhilarating.

Would we go to the football game just to see the act of “Footballing?” Or, do we need for someone to win or lose? And if that’s true, that we need to win or lose, how does that translate into my life?

See, life is like a game that nobody wins. Having a “Winning life” is a myth. Everything hinges on the quality of playing, not the end result. It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it. A mentor of mine once told me to engage with what I was doing without any thought of winning, losing, right, wrong, like or dislike. I found that by going back to this over and over I continue to love what I do.

Just a thought,


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