The Mirror of Zen and Tao

Everything that happens is projected and reflected back in awareness. The universe continues to mirror back to me what I show it. It has no projection of its own. It just is. So, the universe is a reflecting surface showing “me” everywhere I look. The stories in my head about me get projected out onto the world and I judge them. So, when I judge anything else it is only me that I judge. After all, using the information I have been given, makes me the producer, editor, projector and critic of all I see. What I view is never really reality or the people within it. It is only me and my projector.

Therefore, someone who has qualities I reject is reflecting some degree of my own qualities that I am rejecting. I do not know the other person. What I am seeing and rejecting are parts of me plastered all over them. So, when I look at a relationship and see what I don’t like in others, it’s exactly what I don’t like in me. Further, it may be dynamics that I have that I can’t see if I am not in awareness. I will reject them by feeling and intuition. When I start to understand my projections, I start to understand me and make changes. As long as I buy into my projections as accurate assessments of other people and events nothing will ever change.

When I start to see that I am what I am perceiving I can really start to take some direction and make some changes. Let’s keep in mind that this includes the “positives” that we see in others, the “positive” things are all things that are also us in projection. As long as I think another person is the kindest person I have ever met, nothing will change. When I see me as a kind person projecting on others, I can work with it and expand. I can see and have the experience of wanting to be that way in life.

In reality they may or may not be kind people, or like myself are momentarily kind. I can never be a “kind person”, but I can choose to be momentarily kind.

I’m sure all of this is why I am so in love with an awareness practice that focuses on Conditioned personality and how it runs my life. It fools me into thinking that my opinions, thoughts, ideals, judgement, and projections are real. But they aren’t real at all. When I stop and breathe I realize how little I actually know about myself or anyone else.

Amazing isn’t it?

Bows to all,


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