Right and Wrong Tao/Zen

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars.” – Allan Watts

Allan has always been one of my favorite people for simplifying the path I have taken. Both he and Cheri Huber have had this immense impact on my life. Why? Because they both honor simplicity the joyous and practical guide.

I keep asking myself why I take things personally. People say things, or make comments, or I project that they “Don’t like me” or don’t approve of me. Which, come to think of it, is worse because you can hate me as long as you approve of me. My conditioned personality seems to be OK with that. (How weird.) It’s challenging to remember that I don’t “know” anyone very well. I have labels for people that I think somehow must define them as a quality. But, people change. I know I do. So, I have faith that it’s always possible.

There are close to eight billion people on this planet. I suppose if I was to meet them all my conditioned personality would come up with some sort of category for each one. Like, dislike, annoying, funny, lame, bitchy, or lovely. Anyone of those labels that cannot possibly be true. They are projections.

It’s challenging to remember that people are conditioned into whatever form they take, and not everyone is aware or does any work on that. People believe that they are their thoughts, when in reality they are that which watches the thoughts. We do not have to personalize anything. We can take the time to build a truthful relationship with ourselves. That alone is a daunting task.

My desire for the next year is to start paying closer attention to that conditioned voice that carries those opinions and judgments. And to start refocusing and to re-calibrate away from that line of thinking. I suspect the outcome is going to involve compassion, kindness, and the saving of all kinds of emotional energy.

May the next year be filled with compassion and kindness for you and others.


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