Mysteries of Chosen Days

I talked to a friend yesterday who was bitching about how stupid holidays are because people are artificially “nice” to each other and as soon as the holiday is over they go back to being their old greedy self centered self. I don’t agree with that.

Pick a day to be kind and generous and compassionate and caring and loving. Then go ahead and be that. I find great strength in knowing that the human race, has that ability. No we don’t seem to be able to sustain that position over a lone period. But isn’t it awesome that we can do it at all?

My Hypothesis is that we don’t change on holidays, the holidays allow us to be who we genuinely are inside. Kind, caring, loving, compassionate, and engaged people. The Holidays are just a portal that says its OK to actually be genuine.

My belief is as long as we can designate times that open that portal there will be the chance that we can become constantly aware that we don’t need approval to be genuine and caring. Inside it’s what we are capable of by decision.

May everyday find you engaged and aware of who you are inside.

Very, very, Deep Bows to everyone.


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  1. What a great post. I do believe that we are in control of the mood we exude…to some degree. For some- myself included, the holiday season seems to bring out the negatives though. I wouldn’t say I become ‘un-nice’, but I definitely revert into a Scrooge. Deep down, I want to enjoy the spirit and decorations, and the festivities… but there is always such a deep sadness that takes over. I do become very withdrawn- which could be construed as unfriendly. But, maybe one day that genuine ability to be the caring, nurturing person will take over again. Thanks for the fantastic post! Well wishes to you for the coming year.

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  2. Thank you. Lots of us struggle with that increased sense of sadness and that feeling of “why are things the way they are?” feelings. I am projecting from reading your posts that you are a caring and nurturing person. May you and all you love be well.


  3. I think you are spot on about that portal opening on holidays specifically spent away from home and away from the usual routines and baggage. People do open up and are less ‘held in’ on these holidays and I know from my own feelings my flow is fine with this, but then you never again hear from the people you may have got to know quite well, because they seem to be of the mindset – that was on holiday, this is real life now. Such a shame, but we can ‘make sure our own house is in order’ and that’s my mindset now. Great post, Bryan, and much food for thought crammed into a succinct amout of words too!

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    1. Thank you for that. You are very kind. I love your point about the ability to divide things into “real life” and the moments that somehow aren’t “real life.” I am practicing to stay with the “It’s all real life” modality.
      Big bows to you.

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