The How of who We are.

We can only be how we desire to be right now, not in the future, not in the past.

Conditioned personality is the baseline for faking it. Culture and society said, “Do this to get along with the tribe”, and so we did. Some of it was useful for that purpose, some of it needs to be examined for worth as we evolve. It uses all those conditioned directives, should, would, could, needs to be, has to be, and that’s wrong, to continually evidence that the current you in presence needs to be someone else, and not only that, somewhere else!

None of that is true! It’s all a story Conditioned personality made up to keep you from how you want to be in the moment! We are truthful, brave. strong, honest, and decisive people and are totally even to our own life’s experiences.

Become loyal to your truthfulness and embrace it.

Life and living is good!


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