Words and Presence

Once we release our words, we don’t get to retrieve them and edit them. We have delivered the words to our environment and they are no longer ours. So, value what you send, place a worth on it, and make sure that you say what you mean.  

I think the current social field has really made this transparent. At least in my personal social life it feels like we are all becoming more aware that we are indeed mortal and temporary.

So, when I have direct communication what is important? That was my self imposed question.

And this occurred to me. To tell you of your worth and meaning in my life. Then we can discussed everything else.

And to make sure that, in whatever way I can, I give that message to myself too. To have worth and meaning means I will take care of me. Taking care of me is where taking care of others has to start.

If I’m not OK then how can really help anyone else?

Thank you for your support and caring.


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