Ordinary Tao, Ordinary Zen

Lately I have been noticing that we all seem to want to be, for lack of a better word, Special. Or, perhaps another way to say it, get attention, approval, someone’s love and caring, and to show and tell ourselves to others. Even those who are shy and find human social interactions painful have this drive. And anymore, because so much of what we do is through electronic media, those who don’t enjoy direct contact, also have an outlet. Most of our entire entertainment industry is built on this particular dynamic of human interaction. We want to become something for others and ourselves. We want to be “Other” than what we are in the moment.

I think that drive has been one that helped propel our ability to produce and thrive. I see it as a positive dynamic if done in awareness of intention and with attention. It’s not a right or wrong thing or needs to be judged. It just IS.

That being said, I embrace that being ordinary, like we all are, is also an absolutely extraordinary place to exist. Here’s why.

When we operate out of our ordinary presence, being aware of ourselves, connected to our surroundings, all life and everything in it becomes a thing of wonder and exquisite beauty. If we sit and become aware of that cup of coffee, or the cat, or our partner, or the morning sun coming through the window, everything changes. It becomes bigger, sweeter, deeper, and we notice all those details that, in our rush, we forget to notice. We embrace the smells, colors, sounds, and the feeling of our own breathing existence.

We also gain awareness that we are other than the sum of all our fragments. The total of all the parts of our so called ordinary life is not greater than the sum of the parts, it is an amazing OTHER than the sum. When we are in proximity of now, we become something else and have access to everything we are in the moment. We become like the running deer, the blazing sun, the storm, the wind and waves, and stars. We are alive, in motion, vibrating, singing, and engaged. We are so much more as ordinary people than we could ever be as “special.”

I am deeply in love with the ordinary people in my life, because they truly know how special ordinary really is!

Keep going!


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