The Balance of Bittersweet Moments

Life has so many bittersweet moments. Life is complex beyond anything I can possibly imagine, filled with opportunity and unknowns. (The Future!)

My life is much like this movie that keeps going 24/7 and has no commercial breaks or time outs. It moves relentlessly through time and never waits.

Paying attention to my life means that I have given up getting “stuck” in scenes from it, I can briefly revisit things that have happened via memory, although I’m never very sure about the accuracy of what I remember. In Tao the encouragement is to keep going and avoid looking back for any length of time. Both longing for the past or wishing I would have avoiding certain things (like drug addiction) prove to do nothing but provide suffering, the same way unchecked longing for past happy events will also enable suffering. I find it’s OK to “visit” but not stay or move in.

Trying to predict or control the movie’s future ends up feeling the same way visiting and getting stuck in the past does. I have absolutely no idea of what the universe will have to offer. None. I can fantasize about the future but never know it. And i do have hopes and dreams but see them as gravity pulling me into the future, not accurate portrayals of the future.

What happens is when I’m stuck in memory or a pretend future I miss everything that is here that life is offering. All the numerous things that I have to be grateful for right now. Being grateful for what I have seems so much more fulfilling than wishing for what was or what I want to become or acquire next.

Here, right now, is loaded with so many opportunities and options, why would I avoid being here? Being human, a one of a kind gift that is rare beyond imagination, is a gift that I often overlook. I find that’s just what humans do, it’s part of the human experience. That doesn’t stop me from coming back to the present over and over. The present is where everything happens!

What is it that you appreciate about your experience of life right now?

Be well, love and care with all the passion you can bring to the table.


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