Likes and Dislikes

“To set up what you like against what you dislike, this is the disease of the mind.”
― Seng-t’san

I was given a Koan many years ago and continue to process it constantly. It went like this: “If reality is just what it is, and is going to be that way no matter what, then what does “like” or “dislike” have to do with anything?

This doesn’t mean to not have those feelings of like and dislike, those are conditioned deeply and will always rise up. Reality, or what exists outside the constant thoughts of what is, doesn’t seem to be paying the least bit of attention to what I either like or dislike!

How do you respond to the state of like and dislike in your daily activities? Does the idea of “I like that or I don’t like that” constantly influence what you do? Does it create resistance?

Be well and take care of you,


8 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

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  1. Definitely a thought provoking one…I must admit, I do let the very essence of ‘liking’ or ‘disliking’ something sway me heavily from things. I find it so hard to simply accept what is. This has given me much to think about though. Take care

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  2. Not much resistance for me, Bryan, because the more I resist/refrain from the prospect of doing something I dislike, the more it niggles me. Likes can turn out to be disappointing, dislikes can turn out to be quite interesting, so flow springs to find again :>)

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