Tao of Stories

When we no longer recognize the story as a story, the narrative then become our reality.

I love stories. I love to read and learn. And I love the creation of worlds that writers formulate about places and events that come from imagination.

That being said, there is a serious danger in getting caught up into a fantasy and yet operating as if it’s a reality. Humans have always told stories to educate and entertain. Yet it becomes problematic when I lose sight that a story is just that, a story. It may have a purpose but it’s not an actual.

There is another kind of story, It’s the one that we have about ourselves. Who we believe we are moment to moment. This story can be supportive or sometimes a destroyer of our ability to see ourselves clearly. Seeing our story as clearly as possible is a body of continuous work. Why? So much of our story came from other people’s life experience that was planted within us like seeds. If your fortunate, the people planting the seeds did a great job of mirroring back those things that will support you in life. And I applaud that and those who were wise enough to see that as a process.

But, often people in authority had the mistaken belief that by constantly telling us what they perceived as “wrong” with us we would learn and adapt what was “good.” That never seemed to work for me, the only feedback that seemed constructive was one that said, “Try this and see how it works for you.” Which is always that way it seemed to work anyway. I was curious and inventive and loved trying new things to see if they worked or I needed to try something else. Most of my learning or changes came from that model that says here’s another way.

It’s so worth the effort to examine those messages and beliefs about ourselves that constitute our “Stories.” Start with rooting out the stories that built the beliefs that are not supporting you.

You can ask these question and watch for answers that come up that seem like answers but are also part of the story and only support the story. Those are the answers that may rise up immediately without having to drill deeply. The only serve that story and not you.

What do you believe about yourself? Where did that belief come from? Is it because you know it’s truthful or is it information that was given to you? How does this belief support you? How does it detract from your life or cause resistance? How can you change or move away from the stories that are not supportive?

Let me know what you find.

Be well,


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  1. This post is GREAT and so readily applicable. I love the questions you ask at the end. They really help me in sorting out what is true and what are just the stories I have either fabricated or been told. (Easy to be swept away by them, and this brings things back into focus.)

    THANK YOU for this offering.


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