Moment by Moment

Nisargadatta defined Karma as movement. I struggled with that for a while until the insight dropped in concerning how the past, present, and future seconds are all connected, inseparable, and yet dependent upon the act of the moment we are in, microsecond by microsecond.

Karma, our karma, (call it whatever you like) is defined at the moment it is manifested, it’s not what we do in the weave of life, it’s how we are in the weave of life. It’s the how you are in the weave, your…. right now movement. 

Right this second is your next seconds past, and it’s directing your future second, that future second that is going to be your past. It’s the wheel of life in miniature, flowing like a stream in the moment. Every moment gets actualized by the how you are experiencing it. With compassion and kindness and grace and love? Or, screaming that it needs to be different?

How I live this moment means I bring worth to everything I do. Cleaning out horse stables, playing with my cats, writing a book, or any other event is defined by how I do it and what meaning I apply to the event itself.

I suspect we are all so worth that change in perspective that brings clarity to the moment of our life. Nothing is wasted, everything has meaning.

Be well,


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