Falling into the Future

In Zen training there is a concept that has truly helped me in understanding how I can become so frustrated when “plans” fail to come true. I was conditioned at a young age to believe that if I “make a plan,” and never gave up, it would become a reality. This regulated my position to one that had me believe that “I” was in control and so called success or failure were my responsibility.

So, for a long time, I attempted to live in that reality but nothing I ever “planned” manifested itself as the plan. The idea that I had absolute control over outcome in this section of the universe started to feel increasingly ego-centric and vain. As long as I kept the idea of the plan in my head it seemed like there was no reason for it to not manifest. But, as soon as I stopped believing my own thoughts I ended up engaging in the universe I live in and would do the next thing required. Yikes. It appears there was another plan and it wasn’t mine!

I realized that my “plans” were my seemingly accurate “Story” of a possible future. Nothing wrong with that and sometimes a story can be very inspiring! Except there is my “story” and then the reality of life as a constant flow rearing it’s head and the “Story” changes. My story, no matter how good or how much I may attach, will always be modified or completely changed by the movement of life.

My very first plan was to be a paleontologist and I spent lots of time wandering around Detroit, MI seeking fossils. I was young but was thoroughly convinced that the Detroit area probably had a wealth of fossils not yet found. I spent most of my time breaking rocks apart but never found a Tyrannosaurus Skeleton. (But then no one ever has in the Detroit area. I was nine, what did I expect?) Then I was going to be a chemist. Then a teacher. A doctor. But as experiences in transience continued I finally decided to be a musician and I stayed with that for decades. Unfortunately two dynamics, one was the uncontrolled ego and the other a fondness for chemicals changed that plan. (Or destroyed it depending on your take.)

After some recovery I decided to be a psychologist. Why not? But I ended up more as a social worker/ counselor in the substance abuse field. I started to feel crispy around the edges so retired from that field.

I am now writing, presenting workshops, and supporting any and all who are on a journey of expansion regardless of the vehicle. What I like about all of the above is noticing that process of never becoming anything but was always falling into the next future. It’s amazing how everything I ever did actually supports the temporary place I exist in right now.

I am deeply in love with this journey. Everything I experience leads me to embrace the next experience. I am learning to relax by embracing the falling itself and stop resisting what life offers.

I stand in awe and wonder of what the next falling may be.

Take care of you!


6 thoughts on “Falling into the Future

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  1. Yes, this Saturday I became aware I was lost and unsure of what is next for me, and though I tell myself I’m living in the moment I think to some level I was worried about not having a ‘next’. I learned that I don’t actually need a next, it’s same as living in the future. I could just relax without an expectation of next and see what does come. Great post here ❤️👍

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  2. I can understand this too well. All the years I planned and well it didn’t go well. I thought it would ground me. Make me a happier person. No not at all and now here I am plans but not going to be a bit more lenient and see where the universe takes me. Such an enlightning post.

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    1. Thank you. I find it exciting to let go and see where life goes next. I let go of wanting answers and enjoy the questions. Attaching to plans is like thinking I can control a roulette wheel. Big smile for you my friend.

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