A View of a Gift

Over the past weekend I was involved in a conversation about how I manage to have friends with so many different beliefs and paths. I was trying to explain my feelings that we are all struggling to be human, no matter what belief or systems we may follow. We are all on the same boat in the same sea. And, my passion is to see where we come together, and where our parallel journeys may meet.

Last night I realized there is one very basic belief I have that keeps me on this journey. No matter what belief’s we may hold, the one thing I find is truthful, is we all have, in whatever way we may each believe, been given this exquisite, once in this universe opportunity, to have the experience of being here at all.

That awareness gives me shivers and chills. In the entire universe that we know, I am here. Unbelievable.

Each of us, as a singularity, will be the only self aware experience of it’s kind within this life. I cannot express the gratitude that comes with knowing that. We may all believe something different about where we came from and where we go next. But the one thing that ties us together is the vary nature of our existence in the here and now.

I think the more we realize that, the more we are going to stop the resistance and conflicts about what we believe in or who is right and who is wrong. I love your beliefs if they mean caring, sharing, and taking care of self and others. What more could be asked of anyone? And if I don’t agree with your beliefs so what? I can still care and support you on your journey.

That’s what this blog and whatever material I write is oriented towards, supporting each other on whatever journey we are on together. So far that philosophy seems to have substantial grounding. I find people from many faiths and paths do come together if we can all remember having this gift and support each journey. Being human is a gift but a challenging one, and one that needs to be nurtured by self and others.

Welcome to your gift today. May you supported and be supportive of others on your journey.

Take care of you and all you love,


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  1. Oh this is so enlightening. We are indeed here together, no matter what we believe our source to be. And in the here we can just be loving neighbors to each other. Great post. Thank you for sharing this. And you do live your words. You are a very supportive person, glad to know you through this platform. ❤️✌🏾

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