Seeing the Complexity

Lately I have been thinking that although I understand the concept of “complex,” I seem to be under estimating how hard it is to see anything clearly and stake an absolute position. The best I can do is get the best information available, contemplate that information, and then respond from what I learned. Plus keeping in focus that there is always more than I know.

There will always be the “back story” that fleshes out a certainly more accurate picture of people and events. The race to be the first with information leads to people discussing a snippet of the actual story. And, added to that, is the agenda’s we might bring to any information that has a personal connection. I find myself becoming emotionally connected to only a tiny part of a complex, rich, and human event.

I think, at least this fateful year, how amazingly complex and convoluted the world of interactions has become. I find this over and over when taking the time to breath, sit back, and find out as much information as I can about any person, event, or place, before attaching meaning to any information. I have kept a lot of friends by holding back on formulating any conclusions until I had every last scrap of information needed to take a position.

I am much slower to respond to information anymore. I wait and see.

In the past it seemed like the same experience happened over and over. I took something in, reacted to it, and after some time found the story expanded and I realized I was reacting without any effort to develop a clearer view. I can see how we all might move and give a little more with a slight change of perspective.

Maybe I’m starting to get how complex this world really is?

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