Joy in Being

Being joyful about my life sustains me better than trying to attain the state of being perfect. 

Many cultures are built on stories about “perfect” people, usually termed hero’s, and heroines. We identify them as such in the hopes the examples will encourage us to be “better” and seek to be the absolute best above others. But, the ideal of perfection is a self-defeating concept. No matter how close I get to the ideal it is always just ahead of me. It’s the bar that is fluid and always being raised. Have you noticed that the idea of being perfect is always based on tomorrow and never now? We never say, “I am perfect”, we always say “I am going to be better or perfect tomorrow.” Perfect is the linguistic carrot on a stick that we chase into the future.

I have friends who will debate about this and feel that the goal of perfection is one that humans need if we are to keep “advancing.” I can’t help but wonder if “advancing” is the right word. Perfection isn’t necessary. Doing and loving something as well as possible in the moment, until it feels complete, would be another way of processing life.

I can simply do something because I have an interest and perhaps love to do it. I can take my passion, focus, intent, and drive, and apply them until it’s complete in the moment. It’s a Zen/Tao approach to doing anything. Be here for it, and do it with all your heart, mind, and body. I might not win the label “perfect”, but I end up being joyful and experiencing satisfaction, and perhaps some moments of happiness.

I wonder how we would be if we moved our focus from perfect to being here with attention, caring, passion, with as much intensity as we can bring to the movement of the moment?  

Take care of you and all you love,


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