The Question

What’s preventing us from viewing all life from the position of mortality? From knowing and acting that we are all, regardless of who we think we are or know, Mortal? Then in knowing, we respond to life out of kindness, compassion, and caring? There would be no other way to respond.

I meet and project that people are “nice” or people are “mean or bad” but what I often don’t remember and project is that they, regardless of the labels, are temporary. I can choose to have compassion concerning all our delusions, illusions, and projections. I don’t’ have to engage people about who they think they are or who they might think I am because it’s just blind projection. I don’t have to like what people do or develop some theory about why they do it. I can choose to accept them as they are and keep going within my own focus. What makes a difference is engaging knowing how exquisitely temporary and discomforting life is and how knowing that changes how we treat ourselves and others.  

Keeping the Tao and Zen perspective that we will detach, or as they put it lose everything, is the very reason why being here at all is a wonderful opportunity. It’s also an opportunity to hold all of us within compassion and caring. This journey is one way, beautiful, and will end. How could we not embrace those that are experiencing it with us? 

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