Taking that leap

“Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” – Denis Waitley

Occasionally I run across some saying that has enormous impact on me. This is one that I keep above my writing desk.

Take a risk today to be genuine about how you feel, take a risk to sit and know yourself for a few minutes, take that risk to avoid giving an opinion, risk smiling at strangers, risk smiling at yourself, risk not knowing by turning off the television and phone, risk doing something just for you or someone you deeply love, say hi to a stranger, or perhaps seek deep inside and risk doing something that you have never done before just because you want to do it.

Don’t let worry or fear be an excuse for not doing. They suck as excuses. WE ARE ALL ANXIOUS AND AFRAID. It’s human. The only difference is the choice to feel that way until it subside or allow the feelings to dictate your next move. Either way the feelings are going to rise sometimes. It means your smart and trying to stay safe and comfortable. Don’t let that build a container that you will never leave. Spending life in a nice safe container is not what you might think, I did that with alcohol. That was an expensive lesson in more ways than I can count.

Life is a risk, and you are worth every risk you are willing to take. And sometimes those things we thought were a risk turn out to be the subject of this statement:

I’m so glad I took that risk, I never would have thought I could feel this alive and satisfied.

Take care of you and all you love,


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