Tao and Water

Lately I’ve been thinking. The upcoming election has been creating rifts right and left, friends lost, families broken, and tons of anger. Years from now the priorities will change but the loss and feelings may remain.

To adapt as water in the living Tao is to adapt to a vision of reality as truthfulness. In experience I can choose to be like the moving water in the stream. I meet what is truthfully present. I flow no matter what rock, falls, twists, and turns rise. I engage within the moment of presence, in my totality, and move without resistance.

When life presents with bitterness I accept and flow. When life presents with sweetness I accept and flow.

My belief is that’s it’s important to clear your own way by focusing attention away from opinion, conclusion, positions, attitudes, and stories. I don’t have to have an opinion, all I need to know is how I am going to do the next thing and the next. Nothing wrong with having a position and sharing positions gives more information and perhaps my or your position will shift. But when opinions and positions start being labeled right or wrong, and argument ensue, it’s time for me to back out.

I learned that the universe and life don’t care about my opinions or what I might think, life keeps living regardless. I like to use my energies to remain productive and as clear as possible.

Be well and take care of you,


5 thoughts on “Tao and Water

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  1. Hi Bryan,
    So nice to read your beautiful post this morning which was a great follow up to my write! It’s the zen way and a great practice and way to look at it all. Having a position, it a healthy thing but having the ability to listen and hear like you said to me without getting triggered, it’s the challange. I love the water to go along with your words to remind us to let water run and be present with what us and go with the flow.. My wed. post is more rolling pumpkins,. lol. that was fun too, Be well and lots of love dear one. ❤️ Cindy

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  2. I feel the same way my friend. I have said, no matter what the outcome of the election, the results are not going to change the way I show up in the world. I’m still going yo be a l9ving and kind person first and foremost. That’s the real key that many don’t see. Real change starts with just one, you and me. We don’t have to agree or try to be “right” all we have to do is be human and see ourselves as equals. I’m a huge water lover and I really enjoy waterfalls. The imagery is do cleansing and restorative. Peace, love and joy to you my friend ❤

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