The Tao of Deep Listening

“Deep listening is miraculous for both the listener and speaker. When someone receives us with open-hearted, non-judgmental, intensely interested listening, our spirits expand” – Sue Patton Soele

My training involved the practice of attention. It’s probably the only practice I have truly embraced because if I don’t start by paying attention to what’s in front of me then what do I think I’m doing? This is it! Right now is the entire universe in front of you in these moments.

So, I’m thinking that applies to another person, and to listen deeply means to focus attention on what they say and how I listen. You know, am I actually listening or busy figuring out what to say next.

The best time for this practice is during holidays. Because holidays, even in todays environment, lend themselves to more communication. What better gift to give anyone? Your attention, them becoming the object of focus, and you the presenter of focus. How beautiful is that or how beautiful could that be?

If you don’t already practice this next time you find yourself in conversation, in person, internet, phone, or text, give yourself entirely to that focus on another. See and accept them in the moments you exist together. Ignore your constant thought stream and become that receiver, accepting, deep, wide, intense, and open. Listen to another like you would listen to a song you love deeply. See how that feels and please let me know.

Take good care of you, you are the only you there is!

Bryan Wagner

9 thoughts on “The Tao of Deep Listening

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  1. I totally agree that it is very important to the listener and also to the speaker, because I really think that if we pay attention we can learn much more than sometimes we realize. Of course, that the person’s evolved must have the habilities required.
    Great post, Brian!
    Love it very much!!! 🌹

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    1. Thank you for the kind comments. I also believe that if we are present for each other the informational flow is much more extensive than we are capable of consciously knowing. Be well my friend.


  2. Listening attentively is the only instant that the constant chattering in my head stops. Unfortunately it’s a real struggle for me to listen for long. The longest I have done is 10 mins in meditation and that’s very few. But it is a very important message I received internally, to listen.
    Will put your suggestion into practice and see how I do.
    Thank you for the post❀️✌🏿

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    1. You’re welcome. I often practice listening by using the auto narrator to read back the stuff I am writing. I practice noticing when I drift away, and return to where I lost it. Or listening to a book on tape and noticing when I’m not attending. That seems to have helped me in noticing when I’m not attentive. Perhaps this will help, I know everyone is unique in experience.
      10 minutes is an amazing amount of time. For whatever it’s worth the noise in my head never stops, but when I direct attention away it attenuates. Be well my friend.

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