The Last One

A perspective: Reasons to celebrate you.

You are the only you that will ever exit. You have your perspective and reference frame that is totally unique to your bio/psycho/social self. There are no other copies. You are a one of a kind event in the entire universe.

So, in light of that, you are the very beginning and ending of your own kind, a kind of ONE.

If you accept that, how will you live your life? What will you do with the one unique you and the time you have? What’s important? What kind of priorities do you establish?

Of course those are choices you will make and experience. But I want to offer two things.

One: make your time mean something to you as a unique individual. Try new ways to express yourself. In some ways that may be the most valuable thing you can possibly do with your time, express how you are to others. Add onto that, express your caring to others directly. Don’t wait or think that “they know,” they may know but every one of us wants to be heard and appreciated.

Two: Trust your experience. It will tell and teach lessons that you may never get from any outside media. The second part of that is to learn from others experiences. Not that they will be the same, but they can point in a direction that will be helpful or not.

Honor that existence as a completely unique view that none other can have, share it freely, and stay noticing that we are all in that exact same position. The last one of our kind, it’s worth treating others from that perspective.

Be well and take care of you. You’re it.


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