Better Than, Less Than or Totally Unique?

We have a constant reoccurring theme in all cultures that asks the question, “Who’s Better than Who?”

Lately I’ve been thinking how much the need to know who’s better may not be the motivational force that some psychologists believe it to be.

Every human has their very own flavor. Each has a distinctive view and reference frame into the universe.

Every human has a unique set of skills and abilities to self express.

Each humans hears in their very own language that is developed from the unique perspective.

Every human want’s to be seen and heard by someone.

Every human is born with an emptiness inside that cries to be filled.

Every human sings songs only they can hear unless they share.

In life’s journey we, each and every one of us, has a unique role that adds value to the journey to those who are attending.

Every Human is a one of a kind event that will never be repeated. Instead of seeing the negative aspects of living you might think we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to live. I mean how much would that ticket cost?

Seeing each person clearly means there is no way to compare or criticize but only embrace the other from where they are, another human attempting to make sense of life as the ultimate mystery. Perhaps it’s time to let go of those markers like “who has more stuff or what someone believes in.” Maybe we can focus on how a person is within the perspective they are living.”

I’m starting to see each of us is miraculous just as we are, we always have been.

Be well, keep taking care of you,

Bryan Wagner

6 thoughts on “Better Than, Less Than or Totally Unique?

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  1. Well, in my opinion we are all unique and better at some thing. But I don’t think that life is a competition, life is a gift, and we can only be grateful for that!
    Take care my dear friend Brian, I enjoyed this post very much!!!

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