Tao of Belief

All sure beliefs become past beliefs when viewed from new sure beliefs.

Sometimes it s good to look at our past selves from an early age and realize how many things we held as true, adopted as belief, and then let go when we arrived at new beliefs. I think doing so helps places a different perspective on my belief perspective. Just because I hold a belief as truthful doesn’t mean I’m right or it’s truthful for others, it’s just my belief, not matter what the content. And, in looking back, I realize that this belief I have may change like so many in my life.

We need beliefs, but we also need to start seeing that we can all hold different beliefs and still support each others direction. If you are compassionate, kind, and caring, why would it matter what belief you hold? Perhaps it’s time to look at being kind, caring, respectful, and compassionate about others regardless of positions about belief. We can believe what we will and still travel parallel paths in love and caring for each other.

Take care of you so you can take care of others.

Bryan Wagner

5 thoughts on “Tao of Belief

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  1. So true. We do think our beliefs are sure till we get a new sure belief. Shows we never really know what is truth, if there’s such a thing at all. It’s great bearing that in mind so as not to be forceful on others. Great post.❤️✌🏿

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  2. People so often use differing beliefs to create division, in particular politics and religion. Then rows, arguments, and sarcasm ensue (thinking of social media with the sarcasm) – what a waste of time and look at how much negative energy is engendered. I have a friend who becomes so embroiled in this division, her life is consumed by it – its sad to see. Excellent post, Bryan. We need to see belief in the context of a changing, flowing energy, rather than fixed, and to respect each others beliefs as they are at that time. :>)

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