The Wisdom of the Bittersweet

You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.” – Mary Tyler Moore

It’s so easy to forget that no experience is useless or wasted if I am willing to learn and keep walking. Yes, I experienced many things that enabled deep suffering and in turn caused others to suffer.

But you know what? I wouldn’t want my life any other way than exactly the way it is and has been. I accept I can change nothing and so accept my life for how it is now. There is a freedom in that position. We do what we can to make amends to others but in the long run need to embrace who we are and how we came to be us.

The things we learn while we suffer add to the total of who we are every day. Every loss, every gain, every dead end, and every open ended road all add up to who I am, writing this, right now.

In those dark moments never forget that life is bittersweet, one moment this and the next that. Everything exists in transience and nothing stays the same. And remember to embrace those times that shine brightly, experience the moments in your life, engage every second with all the passion you have in your heart. Fall into your future seeing clearly and honestly that life is bittersweet, there is no other reality.

Enjoy the mystery, celebrate the mystery, and hold who you are in this moment, pay homage to all your experiences, they helped create this exotic one of a kind event in the universe.


Bryan Wagner

Artwork: “Quantum Mechanics Message Received”, Autodesk/Corel

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  1. What powerfully heartfelt words you’ve used to express here my friend. I have told my sons that if I didn’t go through the pains and challenges in my life, I may never have learned how strong and resilient I am. Great post. Continued wellness to you with lots of love always 🙏❤😊

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