Doing is not as easy as having an intention to do.

I think it’s important to contemplate this process, because if we are not aware we end up suffering because we did not follow through on an intention.

It’s good to notice that thoughts are the easy part, intention is a thought until I act. And sometimes I notice that I am fine with having the intention all by itself. As though intending to do something has value to my ego and I can feel good by having a thought about reality.

Actions are where the gears of life engage. Intending to take action will remain a ghost story until an actual engagement ensues. Having intention is good, examining that intention and the ability to enact is better. Can I actually do what I intend or is it just another feel good moment for ego?

I notice there are a lot of “intentions to do” that have been left by the roadside in my life. It’s not good or bad, just and observation that makes me realize that intending means nothing unless there is the willingness to engage the body in time and space. It’s another move from constantly living in the Thoughtstream to living in the proximity of what’s always right in front of me.


Take care of you and all you love.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. You hit the nail its head here my friend, intention followed by action is key. That’s where real change begins until the habit is established and then it’s just maintenance. I do so enjoy reading your posts Bryan🙏 Blessings to you always, have a great week😊


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