Tao and Choice

If I find myself attempting to choose  between right and wrong it’s because I’m already heavily attracted to the action of wrong. If I weren’t attracted to it why would I be struggling with the question?

Of course knowing that doesn’t mean making the choice will be any easier, but it is an interesting perspective to examine why that thing or action that we see is wrong has attraction?

Is it covering up some deeper need?

Is it easier so more attractive?

Is it just about making my ego satisfied?

Is there an alternative choice that would be more skillful or better for me and others?

Is it more exciting?

Will I gain and benefit in some way that won’t happen if I do the right thing?

Of course there are degrees of actions that can be labeled right and wrong, but the baseline is most of us already know wrong when we see it for ourselves, not always others, but certainly in our own experience. I think it’s worth a look next time a struggle rises between doing the right thing or taking a different path.

Be well, take care of you and all you love.

Bryan Wagner

4 thoughts on “Tao and Choice

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  1. I agree that mostly we know intuitively and instinctually good or right from bad and wrong. Comng into my own power and being a healer, I’ve examined it all thoroughly so I can dwell in a space of neutrality. That is how I guide others gor their own highest good. Gently shufting the energies and asking questions, staying curious. It’s always important to question everything and make sure the motive, intention and action is pure of our own heart. Great introspective post my friend 🙏

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  2. Wow this is really helpful. Never thought of it like that but it’s so true. Great info to keep in mind for when next I’m stuck between what I perceive to be right or wrong. Thank you for sharing.❤️✌🏿

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