Moments and Tao

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” – Rose Kennedy

I truly love this thought. When I think back on things of significance, those things that had impact and carried emotions, it is always the smaller moments that seem to rise. Not the big dramatic stuff but only singular moments in attention.

Playing in a sandbox as a child and noticing that the sun seems to have halted and the afternoon was endless.

Lying on my back at 2:27 AM in Michigan’s U.P and seeing the northern lights for the first time. I was in utter awe of the display.

Seeing the patterns of stones in the cement of the sidewalk as I walked home from grade school one sunny afternoon.

Reading in the barn on a rainy day, back against a cow lying in the straw, listening to the sound on the roof.

The first time holding hands with a very first girlfriend, Laura. We had crossed a street, I grabbed her hand in the process, and neither she nor I let go.

Eating candy corn one section at a time in the backseat at the Oak Drive-in when I was six.

Sitting on a porch feeling that universal connection with another and falling into love.

38 Years old wrestling with my St. Bernard, Trooper, on the front yard lawn as the neighbors looked on in amazement.

It goes on. Not the first Black Belt, the first major appearance in a fledgling band, not graduations, or getting that job I wanted. Nope.

I am amazed at how precious those ordinary moments are, and how they rise in memory. Living in a bittersweet world I agree with Rose, moments are what really matters. And, being here, for these moments.

Be well, take care of you,


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  1. This entire post brought a flood of nostalgic memories for me, you could imagine how many I’ve been floating through lately with my Dad’s passing. Moments are all we have and living in each is true peace, joy and freedom ❤

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