Tao of of Doing Your Best

M.Ruiz Jr wrote the Four Agreements, and for a “Shamanistic” based book I found it very truthful. One of the agreements is to always do your best.

Doing your best means to use whatever you have in the moment to engage with what’s in front of you. That “best” will be radically different from moment to moment and day to day. Sometimes you have the energy, drive, attention, desire, and willingness to give a lot of you, sometimes your tired, fragmented, out of sorts, and unfocused, and still, you do your best. Some people would want to compare those states and judge one “best” over the other. It doesn’t work. I can’t be judgmental about the effort of each moment, just doing what I do to the fullest I can.

Sometimes, when interacting with people, your best won’t be enough. And it works both ways, the other person’s best doesn’t satisfy you. But that doesn’t mean that you or the other person is inadequate or not trying and giving all that’s possible. It means that the “best” you can do at any minute will be contingent upon your abilities and circumstances. The most important thing is to search heart and mind, and if you did the best you could, accept that and continue. If not commit to an intention to stay focused and in the moment so when the need arises again you will do as well as possible.

We all know when we did our best under the circumstances and when we didn’t. But that’s not open to judgment, it’s open as a learning about how you are under different circumstances.

The other arena that I find important is to do the best for yourself. Give yourself as much of your own attention and caring as possible. The bottom line is it’s your ultimate responsibility to do the very best for you where ever you are and in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

Take care of you, and share this if it’s helpful.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. I absolutely love both Ruiz authors Don Miguel and his son. I recently read “The Meficibe Bag” which is all about the importance of the shaman. We are in higher demand now with the state of our world so out of balance. I reread and listen (I have the audio version) of the 4 agreements multitimes every year and have gor years now. There are so many juicy tidbits of guidance in it and I need the reminders! When we can be honest with ourselves and answer the question, “did I do my best”? All guilt, shame, anxiety and stress drain away from any issue. I keep the 4 agreement along with the principles of DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) close by, in my journal and reflect on them often.
    Right now, the best I can do is take care of my spirit while I grieve. Yesterday, I hit a wall in terms of pushing myself too hard and needing to rest, reestablish some boundaries with my Mom and being able yo check out and care for myself. It’s amazing how much my Dad is anchoring me from the other side. I’m so incredibly blessed to have his guidance now. Today, my focus is on these principles as I continue to be gentle with myself. Namaste dear Bryan🙏

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      1. I have lived most of my life feeling confused and cursed by my extra sensory perceptions. Now I view them as blessings. I have completely overhauled my life. Most importantly taking care of my energy and boundaries. I appreciate our friendship and connection. I enjoy your blog a great deal. Thank you for your kindness my friend 🙏

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  2. I’ve been seeing the four agreements but never read it, will take a look at that now.
    This is good question for me to ask myself from time to time too, as most days I tend to be so lazy, will be great to check if I did my best in a moment, and not judging or comparing as all moments are different. Thank you for this. ❤️✌🏿

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    1. You’re welcome. Much has changed since I started taking this position. I realize that I am doing my best within my parameters. I suspect that what conditioning was looking for perfection. No way was that going to happen.

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