Tao of want’s and needs

I have this friend who has inherited a very difficult situation from his family dynamics. I love this guy. He is brilliant, witty, has amazing attention, wise, and sees the irony in things. He is also hilariously sarcastic, a common thread we share. He says what he means, most of the time. He has been so encouraging about the books I have written and I can never thank him enough for the support. I had sent him a message concerning how beautifully I thought both he and his wife had responded to their situation. They are both brave and courageous humans. In part, this was his response.

“I getting what I need rather than what I want.”

I sat with that for a while, and realized what an amazing thing it is to know and love someone who recognizes and lives this wisdom.

I was encouraged to write a poem and perhaps I will share it at a future date. Right now it’s too painful. But that one sentence was a shared learning that I will try not to forget. Of course, I will lose attention on it sometimes, I’m human. But its a worthy perspective to come back upon so I will.

I can’t always have what I want, I am often given exactly what I need. I realized today that not only is that an actuality, but it’s also a life position. No matter what appears to be happening, no matter how painful, I have the opportunity, if present, to understand how it fills needs.

Sometimes it’s not all those “wisdom” books or “teachers” who offer wisdom, sometimes it’s the simplest and profound statement from a friend.

I would like to leave you with a message, also from my friend to me, that brought tears to my eyes. Believe this when I say this to you, the reader:

“I know the world needs you now as ever so take care.”

I feel deep love for you all,

Bryan Wagner

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  1. I find this as well. It’s the caring words from friends that strike me the most. The others I’m traveling with on this human journey through life. We are constantly supported and will receive what we need, not always in alignment with what we particularly want. It’s all there however, in abundance, if we choose to see it. Sending you lots of peace. Joy and love my friend ❤

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