Zen of Human, Being

Being Human is difficult. Becoming human is a lifelong process. To be truly human is a gift. – Abraham Heschel

I am often reminded that I get so caught up in doing that I can easily forget that Being is also valuable and quite the art. Lately I have noticed that due to the current social situation a lot of us are experiencing angst and anger. When I get caught up in the maelstrom of a bittersweet life I value taking those few moments in my day to stay with my own breathing, notice exactly where I am, how I am, and relax into the unique miracle of being in those moments. It takes nothing but attention and the smallest bit of time. The rewards of doing this are immeasurable. Most of us can’t retire to a monastery and spend hours meditating. Honestly that’s not something I care to do. But to take the briefest of moments to re-connect to the exquisite miracle of being you is saying this, “I am, and fortunate for this opportunity to experience my own existence.” The worth of that position becomes apparent when you embrace it.

Be kind to yourself and others.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. In those moments of breath and presence is when I truly feel alive 🎆 Lately with all that I’ve experienced in life, the slow down has been so beneficial. Just being. To feel me. Beautiful Bryan ❤

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