No answer Zen

“No answer is also an answer.” – Hopi Indian wisdom

Lately I’ve been noticing that when in situations that appear to calls for explanations and answers I seem to stay focused on a response until one appears. Often it’s not one that actually truthful for myself or the least bit helpful. In fact sometimes it exacerbates the situation. So I turn to one of my favorite sayings that I tend to forget. No answer is an answer. If no answer is immediately apparent that means there isn’t one, which happens, or one is being formulated by the constantly processing brain of ours and we need to be patient.

The other part of this is I need to understand that others may be adhering to this same process. As much as my conditioned personality wants to give immediate answers it also expects them from others. I’m starting to see that as a bit ugly. Maybe the person has no answer or needs to time to find one. Or, they just don’t know.

What I find interesting is that either of these requires attention to being patient with self and others. How beautiful is that? I also was reminded that it’s important to give others the gift of knowing that I’m in process, that way they don’t have to be suffering while waiting for a response. The Southwest Hopi Indian culture is one I admire and this saying has a lot to do with my feelings about it.

Be good to you today!

Bryan Wagner

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  1. Yes, no is a complete sentence. A non response or silence speaks volumes too. I find myself utilizing this choice when what’s in front of me doesn’t align with me. Saying nothing definitely says something 😉

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