In this Moment

Sometimes life becomes very challenging, lately that seems like a good description. And, it’s during those hectic out of control times that the practice of attention seems to act as a balance. Not keeping one in a single place but allowing some stability. I still wobble but in tinier circles.

Early this morning Spike and I were meditating. And I noticed the sound of the rain on the roof. What a great sound, at that same moment the wind in the pine trees starting that rustling whispering that gives me chills. Rain and wind and pines. But, the gift swelled when the sound of a train gave that eerie cry and those three things became my entire universe.

And for a few moments, the world stopped, problems disappeared, anxiety faded, and a peaceful swell ran though my experience.

I love the practice of attention, it draws me towards those moments in life that are beyond any value I can imagine. Does it change my world? No, everything is as it exists. But it does shift my perception off a separate egoic self, and onto the absolute beauty that is contained in each moment I attend.

Embrace the weekend. Find joy in what comes.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. Yes indeed, embracing all the sounds. I got chills just reading this. I love the sounds, vibrations and deep feelings of connection while listening to the wind. I often practice meditation outdoors too. You’re so blessed to have a trusted companion in Spike. I miss my fur friends. I have plenty of adopted feathered ones in the birds that live on our lake. Wonderfully expressed Bryan. I felt like I was sitting right next to you both 😊

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