The Tao of Whatever

Whatever has or may happen, it’s not happening right now.

I find it’s critical to keep reminding myself in various ways of this point several times a day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stream of thought, and by the attention, it becomes my world. All those worries and thoughts about the future. All those fantasies of some alternate past and possible futures, come alive. They clamor for attention and validation, as though my thoughts are actualities that I “must” do something about right now or in the immediate future. In this mode I desperately want life to be other than what it is in the moment.

Then I’m reminded or recall the opening statement and attend to exactly where I am in location to body and breath, all of the thoughts soften, the emotional structure releases it’s hold, and I melt into the the present moment. Where, for the most part, absolutely nothing dramatic is happening. What an amazing cycle. My thought stream replicates some soap opera and I live in it until I resurface in this moment.

I find it so valuable to keep coming back to this simple, but truthful idea, whatever has or may happen, it’s not happening right now.

Take care of you and nurture all you love,

Bryan Wagner

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