Living in the Question

“The knowledge of self initiates in the laboratory of doubt.”

When seeking answers about our own human nature the first answers that appear are almost always born out of conditioned introjected information. It pays to stay with the question for a while. When I do, I find the “answer” often evolves and the more truthful answer appears. My process is often based in finding answers that support my already in place conclusions. It’s one of my current studies, to see how much I am seeking validation and justification of already in place explanations, it’s easier to accept the automatic answer than doing the work to see what is relative and appropriate in these moments. The only resolution appears to be practicing patience and living in the question for a while, allow the processing, and seeing what appears in the stream of thought. I’m starting to see how lazy the separate self is, always seeking an already known answer.

Share your kindness today,

Bryan Wagner

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