Attention and Clarity at 6,000 feet.

One of the things I have been examining for years is the focus of attention that seems to come and go in the ongoing practice of looking at how I operate in life. I had been through a lot of variations and exercises in Zen and Taoist studies. Oddly enough my actual experience in this type of focus has come from climbing and hiking. It usually occurs in an intense form when slightly tired coming back. I think it’s because the organism senses the need to concentrate the focus on each separate step. A need instead of a want or desire to focus.

On this last hike I clearly remember the focus on each rock and outcropping used to return to the trailhead. Although I was fatigued the clarity of vision and concentration was exceptional. Perhaps, it’s a different version of extended meditation periods where one meditates for long hours to the point of exhausting the stream of thought and body? Suddenly everything becomes crystal clear and exceptionally focused. I personally love that experience although it fades when the hike is finished.

Although meditation is touted as one of the ways to achieve this state, I believe that it can be accessed in many ways. Sports, dancing, any kind of labor that requires the human system to push itself to the necessity of focus and attention.

I am grateful for this last experience. We find Zen like focus and attention in many facets of life’s activities. It’s not necessary to spend years meditating. We get what we get when we get it!

Have an amazing day,

Bryan Wagner

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