Tao of Understanding and Comprehension

Sometimes a guide, presenting as “authority,” gives a talk about the “genuine self,” and I accept that extract as meaningful. I listen from the conclusion that I know what it means. But in contemplation, there is the realization I have no idea what it is, the “genuine self.” But for a long time, I would listen to those words and believe that in some way I understood what they meant. I don’t understand it now, nor I suspect, will I ever. The words have an agreed upon meaning that is based on nothing except understanding the agreement. It’s the common, “I know what I think it means, I can’t define it, but since everyone else seems to know, I’ll pretend I understand” position.

For me, I would rather live my life experiencing clarity in ignorance, than feign knowing something because some authority and/or famous person said so and its popular with other people. When I stop questioning, I stop growing.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. I just this morning watched a video on a former spiritual teacher saying spiritual teachers usually don’t really know what they are talking about, just feigning a concept of an ideal self, and how followers end up imitating this. Interesting addition here from you to that.


    1. The world appears full of “teachers” who are not offering from experience but from redundent, recursive, redundent dogma. Usually evoking the words of some “spiritual guru” so we will be fooled into thinking they are also somehow “special.” I find it sad. We each only have our own experience to guide us to find out about ourselves. No one can do that for us.

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