Knowing Tao

So, at this moment I’m sitting in a waiting room at Ascension Hospital in Novi, MI, waiting on the outcome of a serious operation. It’s difficult, so difficult, waiting and not knowing which of all the outcomes will manifest. The last surgery four months ago took seven hours, hopefully this one will be a bit shorter.

As I sit here, I realize that so much of life, perhaps not in such a dramatic way, comes with that same feeling of waiting for an unknown outcome. I grasp for some sort of answers to the future concerning what will happen next, but I simply cannot know the future. In fact, many times when I fall into the trap of thinking I know what will happen next, I am blindsided by events that I never saw coming. Keeps you alert, this universe.

So, I keep coming back to the room, moving away from the stream of thoughts idle musings and wanderings, I see the other people in the room with ghosts of what’s next hovering, and accept exactly where and how things are in these moments.

Take care of the people you love, including you,

Bryan Wagner

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