The Tao of Weirdness

I was speaking to a group the other day and someone mention, in a most kind way, that I, meaning some of what I talk about, is weird. I concur. I was explaining and charting diagrams that explain why there is only one singular time that we artificially divide into fragments. It’s one of those things that seems esoteric and strange, but it falls together in the end. And it isn’t that strange when the understanding rises. But until then, it may seem disjointed and a strange way to look at things.

We did an inquiry into what constituted weird and came up with some interesting conclusions. Calling someone weird or strange is basically saying I don’t understand them. Which in reality doesn’t make them technically weird. And is most often used as a statement of endearment when offered from friends. It’s simply another way of saying “I don’t understand you.”

But I also think that walking away from the social and cultural containers of conditioning is going to result in a lot of people not understanding. I often offer to people that I am somewhat used to being misunderstood, at least at first, and sometimes permanently.

I shared with the group that being weird, and consciously knowing that, means that I’m working at presenting as rational, just like everyone else. And it’s a good sign they see what I am offering as weird and not something worse. I see it as the price for exploring a human in the state of being outside of cultural and societal conditioning.

I love people who are the outliers of culture and society. I always felt that they are the ones who, in the final word, clarify and offer new directions. I know the people I enjoy being around the most are those that seek the mystery outside the containers of language, ritual, customs, and stories.

Take care of you and all you hold dear in your heart, those things that ring true for you.

Bryan Wagner

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  1. I can definitely relate to people thinking I’m weird. I dance within the many colors and sounds so if that’s not normal, I’m happy 😊 We are the way showers, the truth sayers and the ones who bring the music life is to others in our own unique ways. I embody all of the chatter and still do me. You do that too Bryan and that’s why I always find your posts so intriguing. Here’s to us weirdos😘

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  2. Yes, even people usually referred to as weird also see others as weird in a different weird from theirs, it’s just a way of saying we don’t understand others indeed.


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