Tao and Complexity or There is never “One Reason”

We are complex and intricate beings. And when we take the time to examine our whole existence and process, we begin to realize how few answers to what we may consider “problems” exist. What I notice is we seem to want to find various things in the content instead of a clear view of the entire process. The process is the entire content in motion that has multiple reasons for existing, more than we could ever find by examining a fragment of the content.

Working as a substance abuse therapist, I saw this happen repeatedly, a person convinced that changing the content would solve their abuse issues. A patient would talk for months applying blame and reasons to everyone and everything around them, until, if we were fortunate, they would conclude that it was themselves as a moving process that would need to be addressed. This was all based on their willingness to take their addiction and remission as their own responsibility. The content may or may not be problematic, but the solutions must lie within seeing ourselves as a process, an entire bio/psycho/social/emotional/spiritual being.

If we look at content for a “reason” then maybe their addiction was partly the fault of someone else’s actions and influence, and they could work on that forever, but then what would always be missing is the rest of the content that compromised the entire process of addiction. I have never seen a single human problem that didn’t have multiple dynamics and complexities. In order to consciously change how I am in life means shifting the entire biological, psychological, social, and “spiritual” fields. Not just a single element. That’s the crux of thinking that thinking will change how I experience life. It will, but only if I shift my bio/social/emotional/spiritual fields along with the focus of attention on streaming thoughts.

Sometimes we can become stuck in wanting to believe that “life is simple” but it’s not, it’s an ever-changing, moving complex stream.

So where do I find simplicity and clarity? Right here as I type this! From the only place that I can possibly engage reality.

Take care of you this new year!

Bryan Wagner

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