The Zen of the Second View

“Re-examine what you believe you know about yourself. I live in transience, and since there is no permanent separate self, I can never be what I was in the past, I can only experience how I am in these very moments, again, and again.” – Unknown

I often find myself wondering exactly how much I can be certain of what I know about me. Recently, going back into my belief systems about Zen, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shamanism, I am beginning to see nothing but a constant flux of accepting, clinging, and rejecting, concept after concept, all in search of the very process that is seeking. In speaking with others, this appears true for many of us journeying the “spiritual” and religious” paths. A separate conditioned-self, seeking to become a better, improved, and admired separate conditioned-self. I’m starting to see that only the genuine self, with all its contents, can only be engaged in these passing moments. For whatever reason, there is a feeling of relief and gratitude in the knowing.

Stop for a moment today and feel exactly how you are experiencing your experience.

Bryan Wagner

8 thoughts on “The Zen of the Second View

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  1. The soul is testing me
    during the day
    with the memories
    to my past

    at night
    with dreams
    in which i
    on stage
    in the inner drama
    play a supporting role

    i am time
    in the past
    the future
    of expectations
    in the here and now

    the knowloedge
    about the sketches
    the dogmas
    the tenets
    the philosophies
    the guess
    a transcendence
    the spiritual

    towards as a human
    to a higher one
    pure of pure reason
    (real self)

    the spirit
    and the soul
    are in man
    not under compulsion
    by the spiritually powerful
    their traditions
    their rites
    their beliefs
    from out there

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      1. It gives me
        the subjective instant
        the one with someone else
        with the science
        with the spiritual tradition
        has nothing to do

        refers to the experiences
        the human
        from the past

        in my future
        becomes the last word
        from me in the void
        end up

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  2. This is so comforting – to be still and accept ourselves as we are right in this present moment, ignoring mistakes and regrets off the past as well as the striving in the future. Just to be right now.
    Thank you, Bryan!

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