To Comprehend

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

For me, intellectual understanding is helpful, but to comprehend what a thing or process is, I need to engage with it, taking it into action in any way possible and see how it applies. Sometimes when studying I take an idea and write it down or reword it. That simple action often opens up a whole new level of seeing and engaging. It’s an action supporting increasing comprehension. Understanding something intellectually places it in a handy container, to be examined with the intellect, and is the very beginning. But, moving ideas and concepts out of the stream of thought into direct engagement is where I finally move the concepts from the head into the whole bio/psycho/social/emotive/spiritual/ process of “Bryan.” Then the heart and body are in comprehension. I can intellectually carry a concept my entire life, and never comprehend what it means if I don’t act on it. In the application intellectual understanding becomes How I Am.

Be good to you today!

Bryan Wagner

2 thoughts on “To Comprehend

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  1. Life wants to pass on life
    nobody can understand the secret of life
    definitively deciphered and explained

    after each linguistic
    material act
    a corresponding insight follows

    An idea follows
    the thinking
    about a thing
    or about the questions
    of life

    the fast thinking
    often prone to hubris
    against reality
    of life
    and that the
    material things

    Sketches from the stream of thoughts
    man becomes thereby
    not the creator of new life

    how and what we are
    the spirit can dem
    just empathize

    spirit – body and soul are one

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