Unbecoming Nothing

” Wasting life’s moments attempting to unbecome a person you never were and are not now only provides entertainment for conditioned personality and nothing else.” – Summer Spiders

I spend far too much time intellectually attempting to rearrange my past or create an unknown future. It’s as though I keep trying to get the past “right” or rearrange it in order to feel better about experiences that are gone. Or if I am dedicated to action and tell a sufficient amount of stories about the future, I can Prearrange what will happen. Which never happens like I plan or imagine. All this from an exact location in time and space, here in these moments.

I am here. Here is where I am. I am nowhere else. Unless I’m attending to the stories about past, present, and future. Then there are only stories, that can be manipulated and shaped by the streaming thoughts and emotions. As long as I live life in my stories I get to manipulate the entire universe, until I drop out of intellect and into the present moments where the universe is autonomous and I suspect doesn’t attend to anything specific, like me. And it’s in this place, in these moments, where the entire magnificent motion of the universe is being played out.

There is something exquisite about these moments in attention, to touch what’s real in the only real place that I can, here, right in these moments I call now.

Touch the day,

Bryan Wagner

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