I’m a Meditator, look at me Ma!

“Meditation works by itself, you don’t have to do anything.” – John Butler

So much for being a “meditator.” There is a certain status about being a new meditator, you can smell it on people when they first start to meditate. They all seem like their “doing Meditation” and will soon be in Nirvana, at peace, or dwelling in Metta, what ever that means. Very enthused, because they are becoming something special, a meditator! Sigh, another market place, I’ll pay my dues by sitting, now where’s that Nirvana I was promised?

For me, John’s very much on target. Your not meditating, your just sitting there. Or standing, walking, or in bed. Whatever, you’re not meditating, your Being.

Oh oh. BEING. That’s not so cool is it? If you walk around telling people you spend time everyday “being” they walk away. Who cares? “Yeah, I go on retreat and just BE with others.” It’s even better if you went on retreat with someone special who has a “name brand.” Which is always neat because other meditators admire you, you were “being” with another famous person “being” so now you’re really getting somewhere, the wisdoms piling up! And it only cost you a few hundred or thousands of dollars.

An Encouragement. Just be. It not much of a challenge. Breathe in and out following the flow. Notice where you are, how you are, when you are, and just be. Sitting, doing nothing on purpose, Breathing, noticing. Noticing running streaming thoughts, running on and on, labeling everything, seeking the next drama, like a baby crying for attention. Only to fade into the graveyard of past thoughts. Sigh. Do that for a few minutes a day and your perspectives on how you are living life will change.

Being or Meditating?

You’re not always being when your meditating, but your always meditating when your being.

Bryan Wagner

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