My name is Bryan Wagner and welcome to “A People’s Dharma.”

This is a site that is dedicated to seeking and sharing the wisdom teachings of our world. I write, blog, do talks, informational video, and workshops on wisdom teachings. I find it most helpful to move outside of boundaries that we have imposed on the teachings and bridge teachings from multiple paths. Most of us have specific paths that we use to keep us grounded. I have Zen and Tao, others have any one of the hundreds of spiritual and religious paths that have developed over thousands of years. My task is simple, find everything I can that ties it all together with wisdom. No need to change anything, just honor the wisdom of the heart and engage.

Example: “Do unto others as you would have unto you” is one of the worlds oldest and truthful portals. In researching this phrase I discovered that the working phrase goes like this, ” Do unto others as you would have done unto you and expect nothing in return.” As you can see the addition points towards some serious commitment. Yet it makes so much sense for those seeking freedom.

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