Being Being

The constant struggle to become something else while denying what is becomes taxing. How about being fine where we are in the moment? It doesn’t mean you cannot make some changes. I really think that making changes from a point of caring and compassion is easier than making changes from a point of sadness, pressure, disgust, and anger.

For the life of me I can’t figure out why Being is such a difficult state. It’s as though I was taught as a child that if I come to a complete rest and embrace stillness I will immediately die.

It’s more amazing when I realize that all of my best moments in life were not about thinking, contemplation, or struggling. The best moments were when I embraced what was going on in my life totally. No reservation, no doubts, and no labels. They were the best because it was just me being with that which was also just being. My favorite is still being with waterfalls. Something about the movement, the power, and intuitive sharing that just seizes the moment.

But it can be as simple as holding a child. Watching the moon. Or being in the great Eastern Sun as it arises.

The bare essence of Being. Some people call it happiness.



2 thoughts on “Being Being

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  1. I am very happy to have found your blog, Bryan. I have lived with a sporadic meditation practice for many years. I welcome your reminders/invitations to return to our breath.


  2. Thank you! I enjoy your blog. I love music and was, at one point in life, a drummer, singer, writer, and keyboard player. Music is an amazing art form. A admire what you do!
    Deep bow to you!


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